Dr. C.R. Srinivasa Babu
Observer fellowship & Nuchal sonographer
Harris birthright, King’s college London UK

PES Institute of Medical Sciences, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh.
Permanent Address Res: 389, “Shreenilaya” 13th Cross, Sadashivanagar,
Bangalore 560 080. Tel: 23612533. India

Consultant Radiologist and Sonologist
Professor, Department of Radiodiognosis
Karnataka Imaging Education Foundation
Past President IR&IA Karnataka Branch

Mobile Karnataka # 9880023615
Email – crsb16@yahoo.co.in
Andhra Pradesh # 09908797556 (All days of week)

I am extremely pleased to be writing this letter of introduction of Mr. Lokesh M whom I have known for the past 17 years. Mr. Lokesh has proven himself to be an extremely reliable and disciplined individual with an extraordinary knowledge in software.

My first interaction with Mr. Lokesh was when he helped me develop a Radio diagnosis reporting software for my private clinic. He developed a software program me in basic FoxPro. It was extremely stable software programs me which never had any problems. The software was very simple to use. With the high attrition with the data entry/ front office personnel any new personnel appointed could use it very comfortably and become proficient in use of the software. This inspired me to use in all the diagnostic centers, I was associated with.

The next big test for this software was when I decided to use it in the medical college I was working, as the head of department of Radio diagnosis in Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences & Research situated at Vishweshwarapuram in Bangalore. The department produced nearly 350 reports per day. These reports were entered from many nodal points manned by untrained computer operators like staff nurses, typists, postgraduates, doctors In spite of this limitation the software was stable.

After I returned from the London U K where I stayed for a brief period, I requested Mr Lokesh to help me in developing an advanced radio-diagnosis software program me. I drew up a skeleton and communicated my requirement to Mr. Lokesh. Mr. Lokesh perfectly understood my requirement and developed the software which is a very advanced but very simple to operate. The software was installed at Kempegowda Institute of medical sciences in the year 2008. I am given to understand that the software is still working perfectly without any breakdown till date.

After I relocated and took an assignment at PES Institute of Medical Sciences & Research at Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh, I have since installed the same software in PES Institute of Medical Sciences & Research at Kuppam in Andhra Pradesh. I am impressed with Lokesh’s keen interest in perfecting the software. He has not only developed the software but he is constantly in touch with the institutions the software is installed in and keeps tabs about the functioning. This one trait of Lokesh which has impressed me, unlike many others he is constantly involved in monitoring the performance of the software

As an individual I have found him very friendly and simple person with high values in life. His physical limitation has never interfered interpersonal relationships or limited his working capacity.

I found him far superior to other software developers. I strongly recommend him for the programs he intends to pursue at any Institution and I am sure that his dedication towards the field of software will be an asset to any Institution. If you have any questions regarding this individual please feel free to contact me at my departmental address


Dr.C.R.Srinivasa Babu DMRD, MD
Observer fellowship & Nuchal sonographer
Harris birthright, King’s college London UK
Department of Radio-diagnosis,
PES Institute of Medical Sciences, Kuppam, Andhra Pradesh. ,
India. E mail crsb16@yahoo.co.in.