Trekking in the jungles is not fun.
You need to be aware of simple facts and follow them in order to enjoy nature as well as wild life.
Remember that, once you are inside the forest, you are at the mercy of wild animals. A forest is the proper place to display your boldness.

Before entering the forest:

Take permission from forest department.  Forest officials may provide guides for your safety and security. Heed the advice of forest officials and local personnel.  Go in groups along with local and experienced trekkers who knows the area well. Understand animal behaviour and behave appropriately. Learn basic survival techniques to escape from danger when confronted by wild animals.

The Do’s

  • Plan your journey
  • Follow the Trekking Route
  • Carry Water bottle
  • Carry a knife / Swiss knife.
  • Carry Minimum food
  • Carry First-aid kit
  • Carry Compass
  • Carry Local area map
  • Carry Dry clothing
  • Carry Blanket
  • Carry Torches
  • Carry Matchsticks / Lighters
  • Follow Rules and Regulations

The Dont’s

  • Don’t wander around at late evening and night. You may get lost.
  • Don’t laugh or talk. It may cause disturbance.
  • Don’t wear deodorant. It may attract elephants and wild animals.
  • Don’t wear bright-coloured clothes. You may get easily noticed by elephants and wild animals.
  • Don’t light the grass or set up camp fire on dry grass. It could lead to forest fire.
  • Don’t take photos with a flash camera. The flash light provokes elephants.
  • Don’t jump into any water body in the forest.
  • Don’t smoke or consume alcohol.
  • Don’t go close to wild animals and elephants. They may feel intimidated.
  • Don’t catch insects / animals.
  • Don’t throw garbage around.
  • Don’t destroy plants and trees.


Tuskers are more dangerous among elephants. When you see a tusker with baby elephant. Stay far from them.

Tuskers guards their off-springs very possessively. They will attack anyone whom it considers a danger to its baby elephant.

If you get lost in the wild forest and not sure how to get back then stay calm and stay wherever you are and wait for someone to come and help you.

Remember that the law of the land does not prevail in the forest. Only jungle law prevails in the forest.

Respect animals and animal territories because you are in their territory.

Above all, never forget to leave them alone.